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Our Services helps German companies who want to expand their business to Asia by providing comprehensive industry researches, reliable market insights, international trade supports, and advisory services.

Are you facing these issues in Asia?

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    Does your niche sector limit the scope of the market?
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    Are you adapting the same business strategy to various markets in Asia?
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    Do you depend on unverified information to make a business decision?
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    Do you create business plans based on macro data only?

Services We Provide

marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

Our team presents viable marketing strategies to help companies reach the targeted market and consumers in Asia market.

Strategic Recommendations

Our team delivers various strategies that meet our clients’ needs. We also help them to understand the wide variety of prospects, value drivers, and business issues across Asian supply chain through comprehensive consumer growth, expansion, and strategic improvement strategies.

Market Size/Trends

Our services allow our clients to identify the size of their business in Asian markets and to evaluate market trends based on the information gathered from key stakeholders, ranging from micro/macroeconomic factors to specific industrial conditions in Asia.

Industry Structure

Our team presents a comprehensive analysis of the current distribution network and reflects on the challenges and the gaps that occur amongst the key players in the targeted market in Asia.

Company Structure

We offer practical analysis on the local corporate structure of the target companies, based on primary and secondary researches, in the context of Asian markets.

Competitive Intelligence

We help clients to evaluate their market position relative to their competitors in Asia and to make effective strategies that enable them to make the most of the business opportunities and to face the challenges in this region.

Qualitative Research

Our team offers accurate, insightful, and succinct market data to our clients gained from a range of research methods, including direct interviews, sample test, mystery shopping, customer surveys and mobile surveys.

Quantitative Survey

Our team offers high quality and extensive quantitative market data and business perspective tailored to meet our client’s demands through advanced data processing and in-depth knowledge of the Asian markets.

Customer Understanding

We carry out interviews with existing and potentials customers to find out their requirement and service specifications, decision-making processes, and to plan product solutions to untapped and established markets in Asia.

Channel Understanding

We offer a well-planned channel strategy and value proposition that enable companies to develop their desired presence and to maximize their access to potential Asian customers.

Opportunity Assessment

Our team will identify and analyze all potential growth or market entry opportunities in Asia using an attractiveness framework based on an established benchmark.


M&A Strategy

Our team will develop the best feasible M&A strategy to be executed in Asia market.

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