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Discover the vast profitable opportunities in Asian manufacturing market and expand your German companies successfully in this market.

Profitable opportunities are present in Asian manufacturing industry, which is the most critical sector in this region. The main segments of this sector are machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals, metals, electronics, and food and beverage.

Some of the biggest manufacturing countries in Asia are China, Japan, India, and South Korea. Moreover, Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, also offer attractive manufacturing sector.

One of the things that make this sector attractive is the low minimum wage set by the governments. Therefore, multinational manufacturing companies will be able to spend lower manufacturing costs when they set their factories in Southeast Asia and other Asian regions.

To make the most of the opportunities offered by this sector, we provide consultation service for German manufacturing companies who want to expand to Asia. We will provide our clients with reliable powerful data and market insights that allow them to succeed in this market.

Our Key Service Offerings


Asia Market Intelligence

We collect and analyze market data to provide objective industry insights and strategic business plans. We help our clients in predicting changes in customer demands and competitive trends in the Asian manufacturing sector.


Asia Market Entry

We calculate actionable alternatives in entering the Asian manufacturing industry, aiming to reduce financial volatility and create the best business entry route by leveraging specific market competitive data such as competitors, consumers, networks, suppliers, etc.


Asia Competitive Intelligence

We offer accurate analysis on the competition of Asian manufacturing markets. Therefore, our clients will gain a major and profitable advantage through the identification of untapped business opportunities.


Asia Customer Intelligence

Our team analyzes market data in order to identify specific business trends in the Asian manufacturing industry. We also offer analysis on customers’ purchasing habit and characters that allows our clients to identify and establish stronger and more productive customer relationships.

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