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Consumer & Retail

Explore untapped potentials, scale your business in the Asian consumer and retail industry, and find out the new trends in Asian e-commerce.

Grab the profitable potential in one of the fast-growing industries in Asia, consumer and retail industry. The huge population in Asia demands huge consumer and retail market in order to meet their needs.

Asian people have unique consumption patterns. Most of them love shopping, especially goods sold in discount. It can be seen from the increased transactions during special promotion days. Moreover, they love purchasing expensive goods or imported items because those items make them look rich.

These days, the purchasing trends of Asian consumers have changed. They prefer to purchase items via e-commerce and pay them via e-wallet. Therefore, consumer and retail industry gets a new challenge. In consequence, German retail companies who want to enter this sector must have e-commerce websites that offer satisfying user experience.

Moreover, they need to gain partnership with e-wallet service company. In order to face the challenge in this sector, you need to get our assistance. We,, offer assistance and consultation services for German consumer and retail companies who want to grow in the Asian market.

Our Key Service Offerings


Asia Market Intelligence

Our team delivers evidence-based business insights from the Asian consumer and retail industry to forecast shifts in customer demand and the emergence of new competitive threats.


Asia Market Entry

We provide strategic consulting services to clients who are planning to enter and grow in the Asian consumer and retail industry by offering important business information, including consumers, networks, suppliers, distributors, competitors and more.


Asia Competitive Intelligence

We conduct extensive research on market competition in the Asian consumer and retail industry and evaluate solutions that enable clients to avoid expensive omissions and re-inventions. Clients will have the unique advantage of jumping onto unsolicited opportunities and blind spots on the market.


Asia Customer Intelligence

Our highly skilled consultants will provide strategic insights on customers’ purchase patterns, innovations, and behavior in Asian consumer and retail industry. Therefore, our clients will be able to develop new products and services based on customers’ needs.

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