Due Diligence on Asian Niche Hospital Chain


Conducting in-depth research on primary, secondary, and tertiary hospital throughout Asia


Our client, a global investment group, has identified a niche hospital chain across Asia for strategic investment purposes. Therefore, a thorough comprehension of the Asian healthcare landscape, particularly hospitals’ outlook, and the targeted companies’ performance measured on several parameters are necessary for our client.


Our team gathered in-depth insights on the healthcare landscape in Asia, precisely the prospects of primary, secondary, and tertiary hospitals over Asia. We also provided our client with a full report that focused on Asian hospitals’ key performance parameters and top market players’ performance, and the targeted companies on each parameter.


YCP Solidiance arranged a team of 1 analyst, one consultant, one manager, and one associate partner to manage the team. We assisted hospital visits and anonymous interviews with doctors and prime stakeholders from the targeted hospital chain to experience its operations directly.

Engagement ROI

Post the commercial due diligence on Asian niche hospital chains. Further, our client was confident about Asian healthcare’s prospects. Moreover, the client was very sure to invest in the target company.