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Automotive & Mobility

Explore the new profitable opportunities and discover the latest developments, innovation, and technologies in Asian automotive and mobility industry.

Find out the latest profitable prospects in the fast growing industry of Asian markets. The automotive and mobility in Asia remains an attractive sector for multinational companies. Asia’s huge population require large amount of various vehicles, whether it is cars, motorcycle, buses, or other mass transportation.

From 2005 to 2019, the number of car units sold in Asia Pacific is about 36 million units. Those units are made from both Asian car manufacturers and foreign car manufacturers. Meanwhile, the quality of mass transportation in various Asian countries needs some improvements.

As a result, German automotive and mobility companies have promising opportunities in expanding their businesses to Asia. However, due to the cultural and social diversity of this region, they need to have in-depth knowledge of the prospects and challenges in this sector. Therefore, they will be able to create the best business plan upon entering this market.

Our company,, offers you with Asian automotive and mobility market consultations that allow you to have the best plan for your business expansion to Asia. We also provide advice and recommendation on various issues related to this sector, for example motorcycle, cars, e-hailing platforms, and supply chain.

Our Key Service Offerings


Asia Market Intelligence

Our team offers strategic market intelligence to help clients predict shifts in market demand and the development of emerging business dynamics in the Asian automotive and mobility sector.


Asia Market Entry

Upon entering the German automotive and mobility market, a range of alternatives are evaluated for clients in order to mitigate financial volatility by mapping specific market data, including customers, suppliers, competitors, networks, stakeholders and more.


Asia Competitive Intelligence

Our team will identify and evaluate the competition in the Asian automotive and mobility market in order to help clients anticipate the competition in this market. Clients will profit immensely from the identification of blind points and unmet market needs.


Asia Customer Intelligence

Our team will carry out a detailed review of the consumer preferences of the Asian automotive and mobility market with an aim to recognize their purchasing, demographic, and behavioral patterns, and needs of certain services or products.

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