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About us is a B2B market consultancy firm specialized in providing market advisory services to various clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, multinational companies, to government agencies in Germany. We will help you in exporting products, making investment, and even building factories in Asia.

Presented by YCP Solidiance, we have extensive experience in providing market consultation in a variety of sectors in Germany, including private equity & finance, automobile, financial services, manufacturing, consumer & retail, healthcare, chemicals & energy, construction & infrastructure, and technology, media & telecommunications in Asia. Numerous multinational companies have recognized our comprehensive knowledge of the Asian market and the findings based on our practical strategy.

Our local German team consists of professional and experienced local and international consultants from YCP Solidiance with expertise in Asian markets. Our experts are credible, culturally knowledgeable, fluent in local languages, and skilled in analyzing market data from a wide variety of sources, including customers, suppliers, distributors, policy makers, investors, industry associations, and competitors.

Our team ensures a strong standard of transparency to provide unbiased market support and consultation service. is dedicated in providing satisfying market research service for our clients. Therefore, we get a steady client return rate of more than 90%, which is well above the market average.

We Work


Customized and practical insights into the Asian markets

Our experienced local team of consultants will help our clients in making the right business and investment decisions. We offer effective and unbiased recommendations to our clients, customized to meet their particular needs. As a result, we implement different approaches on each project with a particular strategy that is adapted to the unique condition of each client.


Asian market data and actionable industry insights

Our team of professional consultants will collect market data directly from the marketplace in Asia. We use primary source analysis and comprehensive fieldwork in order to gain the knowledge and confidence needed by our clients to seize profitable business opportunities in Asia.


Global skills, local character

Our team consists of full-time local and international consultants and managers who are fluent in Asian languages, understand Asian cultures, skillful, and experienced in collecting and analyzing market data. As a result, we have the ability to deliver reliable, credible, and accurate data and analysis for our clients.

Our Team

Damien Duhamel

Managing Partner

Damien Duhamel is the Managing Partner and Head of Digital Business at YCP Solidiance. He is accountable for YCP Solidiance’s regional strategic goals and guides digital transformation activities. Damien is a respected specialist in Innovation and Competitive Strategy with vast expertise in Asia and the Middle East. He has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as a variety of family-owned enterprises in their expansion strategies and transition blueprints.
Heiko Bugs

Heiko Bugs

Managing Partner

Heiko Bugs is our Europe Managing Director. He is responsible for the creation and growth of a large international team with outstanding project execution. He has written and discussed a range of issues related to Asian market activity across the globe. He is now focused on the global strategic impact of the economic partnership between Asian countries.


Devshree Bhardwaj


Devshree is the Director at YCP Solidiance. She has over 10 years of experience in strategic consulting and project management with extensive expertise in construction materials, machinery, chemicals, automotive, healthcare, and technology. She supports Fortune 1000 companies in identifying business prospects, market penetration and growth management consulting, industry benchmarking, product re-engineering, vendor creation and partner search.

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