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Investment Asia

Germany-Asia trade relations are not something new for the two regions. Since, Asia is a dynamic region with fast growing economy, it is no wonder that hundreds of German companies have entered Asian markets and continue to gain successes. It is not too late for other German companies to expand to this region. There are new and promising opportunities to be seized and emerging markets to be explored.

Seize the promising business opportunities in Asia

Winning in Asia, the German way:
How equipped are German businesses to ride the growth wave in the Asian Century?

Currently home to half of the world’s middle class and accounting for a third of global trade in goods, Asia is not to be overlooked. German industrial companies have been very successful operating in the region, mainly due technological advancement and pragmatic business approach – but more challenges lie ahead.

Asian market is changing rapidly – no one market is the same as the other. Localized approach with careful understanding of cultural contexts have become more pivotal than ever.
How will your strategies fit into today’s local Asian markets and consumers? What are your game plan to keep your business relevant in the coming years/decades of growth?

This diversity affects their consumption patterns and behavior. To help German companies be more knowledgeable on this subject, offers market research consultation and trade support. We will deliver in-depth business analysis of various industries in Asia for international companies, Fortune 500 companies, and agencies in German. We are committed to assisting our clients to expand and grow successfully in Asian markets.

Our Focused Industries

“We take on YCP Solidiance for a consulting project to get an in-depth market comprehension, plan the strategic approach, and advise on a differentiated market-entry strategy. Besides achieving the goals, YCP Solidiance also managed to do it in brief. They deeply know their skills and capabilities. The team members of YCP Solidiance were competent, highly committed, and very responsive. In short, they are professional.”

Asia Pacific General Manager, B. Braun Asia Pacific

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